Fenomena Team (FCI) YOSHIHIRO

PP1, KWW1, 5xCACT, res.CACT

D.O.B 2008 11 29


FCI Heart - Clear

Breeders: Ania Musial, Zofia Ostrowska & Tomasz Winski, Fenomena Team (FCI), Poland

Owner: Zofia Ostrowska & Tomasz Winski, Poland


Helmut is still a very young dog from a very successful litter out of one of the most titled working dogs in Europe (imp USA) and dam that combines best Australian/American and old Polish working lines. This combination gave him exccelent looks and wonderful working abilities. Beeing only 9 month old he passed Junior trial with I degree diploma and only one month later he passed versalite Hunting trial achieving I degre diploma and was placed 3/7, beeing not fully 2 years old he became Versalite Trial Winner (with I degree diploma) also achieving special prize as Best dog in the Field. Helmut was rarly shown, but always graded only exccelent on the shows and was wining BOB, BIG-3 at CACIB shows from 9 months old as well as working dog BISS-2, BIS3. Show carier is just in front for this special boy.


Helmut sire side is combining only the best USA FT lines - both his dam and sire are FT CH, and his grandsire is one of the most famous working dogs ever - AFCH, FCH, NFCH Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD, CGC, NRD, NSD, SH, V, FROM who is rankeded number 1 in Best Of Field Top-Producing sires, and till the date have sired 17 Field CH, 4 Amateur Field CH, 1 Dual CH and 1 Show CH. His other grandsire - AFCH, FCH, NAFCH Snake Breaks SGT Schultz HOF is ranked number 4th in Best Of Field Top-Producing sires and have sired 12 Field CH, 2 Amateur Field CH, 2 Dual CH and 2 Show CH. His grand-dam AFCH, FCH, NFCH Grau Geist's Lilith von Legs NRD, V is ranked 4th in Best Of Field Top-Producing dams and gave birth to 6 Field CH, 1 Amateur Field CH. In total in Helmuts 5 generation pedigree there is 20 working champions and a lot of other different field titles.


Helmut dam side combines best Australian/American lines which in combination with old Polish working lines gave awesme result. Helmut grandsire is one of the most famous Australian import - BIS , SV CH, SV Bloodtracking CH, SV-02 SV-05 SV-07 Greydove Nordic Liaison who is after Am Ch/Aus Ch Nani N Greydove Millenium Bug who is known as exceptional reproducer that produced many BIS wining dogs. His grand-dam is really well known bitch that gave birth to many show CH, Euro Winners as well as dogs that passed lots of trials - INT CH (C.I.B.) PL CH, SLO CH PL JCH, Euro W'03, Club W'04, PL W'03 Raxi Bona Janatarowa who is also Field Trial winner and has FCI working certificate.


 Helmut trials results

Multilateral Hunting Trial, Gola’11, Poland:
3rd prize, 223/264 p., 3/12.
III Memorial Jitky Hromadove'11, Opava, Czech Republic:
"Field trail" (ZV) - 225/228 p. CACT
(opened Czech work champion title)
"Water trail" (SZVP) - 96/100 p.
"Forest trail" (LZ) - 214/248 p.
535/576 p.,10/23,IIIrd prize.
Jesenné skúšky stavačov, 11.VI.2011, Nové Sady, Slovakia:
1st prize, 210 p., CACT
(opened Slovakian work champion title)
XXXVII International Field Trials name T.Marchlewskiego, Niepolomice’11, Poland:
3rd prize diploma, 2 p.
Multilateral Hunting Trial Zator-Spytkowice'10, Poland:
1st prize, 5/10, 249/264 p.
XIV Kujawsko-Pomorski Multilateral Hunting Trial Nowy Dwór'10, Poland:
1st prize, 247/264 p.
LIX National Versatile Hunting Trial Rokosowo'10, Poland:
3rd prize, 220/264 p.,7/10
Multilateral Hunting Trial Sienno'10, Poland:
3rd prize, 217/264 p.,1/8
XIII Kujawsko-Pomorski Multilateral Hunting Trial Jarantowice'09 :
1st prize, 231/264 p., 3/7
(in the age of 10 months old)
Basic Hunting Test Czerniejewo'09:
1st prize, 85/100 p., p7/31 (in the age of 9 months old)



 Helmut show results

CACIB Minsk 2012 - ex.,CAC, Winner, CACIB


CAC Zabrze 2011 – ex., CAC, Winner


CACIB Rzeszow 2011 – ex., CAC, Zw, CACIB, BOB, BOG2


CAC Włocławek 2010 – ex., CWC, Zwycięzca


CAC Toruń 2010 – ex., CAC, Zw, BOB, BOG2, BIS Working Dogs 3


Club Show Antoninek 2010 – ex, 1, res.BIS Working Dogs


CAC Warszawa 2009 – ex., Junior Winner, Junior BOB


CACIB Białystok – ex., Junior Winner, Junior BOB, BOB, BOG3


Helmut's pedigree 


Work CH Asa's Hunter the Pink One
FCH Grau Geist Lil's Caprock Rev AFCH, FCH, NFCH Westend's Li'l Sage Rider CD, CGC, NRD, NSD, SH, V, FROM
AFCH, FCH, NFCH Grau Geist's Lilith von Legs NRD, V
FCH Snake Breaks Run Wild Idaho AFCH, FCH, NAFCH Snake Breaks SGT Schultz HOF
FCH Briarmeadow Sunshine Abigail


INT CH (C.I.E.) / PL JCH / PL CH Rio Grande Fala Love'A

SV CH / SV Bloodtracking CH Greydove Nordic Liaison Am / Aust CH Nani N Greydove Millenium Bug 
Greydove Chantilly Lace
INT CH (C.I.B.) / PL JCH / PL CH / SLO& CH Raxi Bona Jantarowa INT CH, PL CH, WW, EW After Nani's Knight Rider
Bona O-Czerta


Some pictures of Helmut